Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Kiamensi Spring Water Company

Long ago, about 4 miles west of Wilmington, there was a bottling plant along the banks of the Red Clay Creek. Today the site of the former Kiamensi Springs Company sits Almost Forgotten in the woods behind the neighborhood of Albertson Park. Check out our new video and learn about the Kiamensi Springs Company, who quenched the thirst of locals for 15 years a century ago. We're taking a bit of a new approach with this topic with this short video presented in cooperation with Greenbank Mills and Philips Farm

We've written about Brandywine Springs before and there is more to come. The park is filled with stories that need to be told. We're excited to work with Greenbank Mill and Philips Farm. More Valley Vignettes will be coming your way in the coming months. 


  1. Another great posting!!! I have walked there many times. I'm not clear on where the actual bottling plant was. At the top of the hill? Was the water pumped up from the spring? I love the pictures inside the bottling plant! I've never seen them before!! Also, it is actually behind Faulkland Heights, not Albertson Park.
    Many thanks and keep them coming!!!
    mary szewczyk

  2. Okay! I watched it again and the plant IS at the top of the hill!!

  3. Just found a Kiamensi spring water bottle under an addition on Scott Street in Forty Acres...


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