Friday, May 12, 2017

Becks Pond

In the early and mid 1970s our next door neighbors were Vera Sutton and her sister Eva Currinder.  They were very old. They had a nice old 1955 Chevy that then never really drove. They asked dad to drive the car once in a while to keep in running. The trip of choice was down to Becks Pond. It was way out in the country. Riding in the old car was such a treat and going to Becks Pond was always fun. Riding in the old car was so much different than anything today The cars rode differently and the widows were wide open and the air moved through differently than today's cars. We would ride down through Christiana on old Route 7 and then to Old Baltimore Pike. We'd turn at Fix's Corner where there was a little old store. Sometimes we'd stop and get a treat there. Backs Pond had a small man-made beach and once you got out a little off the beach the bottom was all mud. It was a great place on a hot summer day. Eva died first and a few years later Vera died.

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