Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Mounted Patrol

In the 1970s my dad was a sergeant in the Wilmington Police Department mounted patrol. I used to get to go to the stables with him from time to time. It was such a great time. I got to help! Sometimes I would give the horses food or water or lead them around if then needed to be tended to. I even got to drive the old meter maid Cushman three-wheeled cart that they used as a utility truck at the stables. Sometimes I got to ride the horse around the training ring, not very often but once in a while I got to. I remember the horses had cool names life Fan Jet and Boots. It was an awesome place to spend time as a kid. I remember once the farrier was there working and a horse reared up. He grabbed the lead the the horse pulled him into the air. He placed his boots into the horse's chest and rode the horse back down and pulled had until the horse settled down. I was amazed and scared. It was just another day's work for him.

One time I was on my way to church with mom and we saw a mounted patrol helmet hanging on a tree. We stopped and looked all around and could not see an officer nor a horse. I collected the helmet and we put it in the car to return it to the stables. We went there after church and sure enough they knew it was missing. We have no idea where the horse and officer were but the officer got in trouble for he lost helmet. I think a day off. Whenever I see a mounted patrolman I always remember those days hanging out at the stables with my dad and tending to the horses.

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