Monday, May 1, 2017

Miss Marsha Traveled

When you entered 4th grade at St. Hedwigs school you started to change classes. They called it being departmental. One of the teachers was Miss Marsha, I don't actually remember what she taught but she was young and worldly and told us about traveling around the world. We called he Miss Marsha because she told us her last name was too hard to pronounce. Now remember we're talking about a Polish school with lots of people with names that contained four consonants in a row with lots of difficult sounds. I wonder now, what was her last name? One time she brought in her passport and we all got to look it over. I remember seeing the stamps from various countries and my imagination wandered. I was already a little obsessed with trains and wanting to travel. The thought of faraway places and getting stamps in the little blue book was so fascinating. I knew I wanted a passport and to travel like Miss Marsha.

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