Friday, May 12, 2017

Pinball at Albert's Store

Across Union Street from Prospect Road was Albert's Store. It was run by a woman called Regina. Once I could cross the street on my own my mom used to send me over there daily to buy he cigarettes. I don't remember the price but they were less than $1 and she would give me either $1 or $2 and I could have the change. This allowed me to buy some candy. Candy started at a penny for single pieces of various candies to 25 cents for a brand-named candy bar like a Three Musketeers or Hershey bar. At some point they got a pinball machine and then all of my extra money went toward pinball. The pinball caught on and soon they had several machines and the neighborhood kids would hang out and play pinball. I didn't have enough money from change from my mom to play as often as I wanted to the next thing was to hit up dad. Dad always had a pocket full of change and with a minimal amount of pestering he would cough up a few quarters. This went on for some time but eventually I got tired of the same machines and stopped going for pinball.

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