Friday, May 5, 2017

Lewes, De in the Summer of 1976 Part 2

One of the things about our vacations at Lewes was my dad's friend and co-wored Marty McMahon and his family would also rent a place in Lewes across the street from us. They had 4 kids, from oldest to youngest; Michael, Jimmy, John, and Teri. We would do all sorts of things with the McMahon kids. Lewes was on the bay so it did not have the best beach but it wasn't bad. One of the characteristics of the beach was a sandbar just offshore. You would be able to wade out to about chest deep and then it would start getting shallow again to ankle deep. We would go out on the sandbar and sometime play football or a game called "smear the queer" where everyone tries to tackle whomever has the ball. We also hung out with the McMahon kids in the evening and had bonfires on the beach or sometimes would play cards in the beach house. There was also other kid stuff like looking for hermit crabs, toads, and other assorted small creatures.

Marty McMahon and my dad were both Marines and joined the Wilmington PD together and lived on the Prospect Road in Canby Park. They moved away to Champain Ave in Richardson Park pretty early but I still remember them on the block.

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